Registered waste carriers & brokers with the
environment agency. Registration no. CX/XP3777BV

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Greenius Waste Solutions, liaise with our recycling partners by offering all types of companies a range of recycling solutions including collecting throughout the UK, bailing equipment, granulation, sorting of material and to divert your material away from landfill.

Materials we can handle include:

  Mixed plastic bottles, HDPE ( milk bottles )
     and PET bottles

  Reels and rolls

  Plastic films


  Shredded and granulated plastic

  Steel and aluminum cans, sorted or
     cans, sorted or unsorted material.

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  Paper and cardboard, we offer and
     arrange a UK wide collection service.

     We our registered waste carriers & brokers
     with the environment agency.

     Registration no. CX/XP3777BV
     Click here to view Environment Agency Certificate